Janelle’s Biography

Janelle Razzino, President, Razzino Associates, Inc., an entrepreneur, who speaks, teaches and consults on the growing role of emerging technology in recruitment strategies, placement, executive search, and career planning, Ms. Razzino is a subject matter expert on motivational techniques that can make a difference between success and missed opportunities.  Other key topics presented have been powerful messages on resiliency, innovative thinking, polishing your people skills, problem solving and managing multiple priorities. 

Ms. Razzino is a regular seminar speaker at Lee Hecht Harrison and Right Management outplacement services, MISNA Network Group, E&Y Alumni Group and The Financial Executive Network Group throughout chapter locations in the tri-state area.  She most recently started a new Network Group called The Career Resource Ministry Network Group in Hillsdale, New Jersey.

She is a member of the Bergen County Professional Women’s Network Group, (MISNA) Management Information Systems Network Association, National Association for Female Executives, Associate member of the (FENG) Financial Executive Network Group and (TENG) Technology Executive Network Group. 

Ms. Razzino has been featured in Bob Herbert’s, New York Times column on “Workers Who Feel. Discarded”, and has appeared on the CBS Worlds News segment ‘The Under-employed”. Most recently she has been a guest on the talk radio show on “Your Career is Calling” broadcast live on The Bronc, Sunday mornings from Rutgers University.


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About Me

26+ years in executive search recruiting the RIGHT TALENT helping companies stay competitive for the next 5-10 years.


  1. -E&Y Alumni Group

  2. -The Financial Executive Network Group

  3. -MISNA Network Group

  4. -Hillsdale Career Resource Ministry Network Group

Upcoming Events

Hillsdale Career Resource Ministry Network Group Meets 2nd Wednesday of every month.