How We Work

“I have known and worked with Janelle for almost twenty years. I consider her to be a true professional as well as a good friend. She is a hardworking, passionate and dedicated individual. She is also the go-to person when I need to fill hard-to-find top-level positions. I strongly recommend her to anyone.”

Steve Daubert, Vice President HR at TOTAL ENERGIES, Inc., TX

Janelle Razzino

Passionately energetic, refreshingly honest, and relentlessly committed!

Over the past 30 years, I have cultivated deep respect and long-lasting relationships with corporations and professionals in the hottest areas and most up-to-date industries. My priority is to know you and understand the intangible aspects of corporate culture and candidate personality. 

My team and I work with people, not algorithms, bots, or keyword searches. We select based on multiple conversations, and I personally pick the candidates with the perfect qualifications, personality, and cultural fit – leaving no doubt as to the candidate of choice. 



Corporate Clients

As a boutique firm and premier search organization, we bring nearly 30 years of experience in corporate recruiting and management, specializing in C-level, executive level, and mid-level placements for The Fortune Global 2000 marketplace. 

Our core disciplines initially were Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology. Today, we also unearth the right candidates in Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, and Business Development. 

We don’t just close deals. We forge relationships with the key industry leaders of today and the emerging talents of tomorrow to ensure that YOU always get the right talent at the right time.

Corporate Clients

executive recruiter, Bergen County NJ, Westwood NJ


Companies know that we have built the finest network referral systems and talent relationships over the past 30 years. 

Candidates know that we have forged strategic partnerships with key market players across all industries. But more importantly, they know that we work with people, not with bots. Our highest priority is and has always been a lively conversation to get a deep understanding of your skills, experience, and what drives your passion.

Whether you are looking to get to the finish line or beginning your journey into something dazzling – we motivate and empower you and provide  career tools that help you speed along the process and get you where you are going in a good environment, ………no matter the storm

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Professional Associations

Bergen County Professional Women’s Network Group (BCPWN) 

The Professional Support Group of Morris County (PSGMC) 

National Association for Female Executives 

Associate member of the Financial Executive Network Group
(The FENG) and the Technology Executive Network Group (The TENG)


Janelle is one of my “Got To” referrals for candidates and employers. I know of no other executive recruiter who works as hard as she does to find the right match. I have seen her refuse openings because she knows she cannot fill them. I have seen her recommend candidates to her competition because she did not have a role, but she wanted to do what was best for the candidate.
But, I have also seen her work like a dog for a great candidate, seeking out the right role, coaching the candidate, prepping them, and going to bat for them with the client company. And when she makes a match, everyone wins!
Janelle is an AMAZING networker – which really helps explain her decades of success in good and bad job markets.
And Janelle is one of the first to give back to the job seeker community as the sponsor and leader of the Hillsdale (NJ) Job Seekers Group and freely gives her time to speak to other job seeker networking and support groups. I have seen her present multiple times, usually without a script or prepared slides, but ALWAYS offering fantastic advice and guidance. Her audience always walks away motivated, empowered, and more knowledgeable than when they arrived.
I am humbled to call her a friend and colleague.

Paul Cecala, Certified Career Coach, NY