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“I love bringing ideas to life and making the impossible happen.”


Working for 2 Fortune 200 companies in my early career gave me a solid foundation in sales, sales management, and expert customer service where corporate needs were always met. I understand the importance of the “non-technical” piece –  body language, personality, and cultural fit. After all, you can teach skills, but you can’t teach attitude. 

I have promoted top-tier executives to the premier positions in the tri-state and greater Metro New York areas and still do so with the same passion and energy I had 27 years ago when I founded Razzino Associates, Inc. 

In my later years, I decided to GIVE MORE rather than give up something. So I started coaching as a subject matter expert on motivational techniques that can make a difference between success and missed opportunities. I’ve been speaking at several opportunities and taught and consulted on the growing role of emerging technology in recruitment strategies, placement, executive search, and career planning. 

Besides being a frequent guest on the talk radio show “Your Career is Calling,” broadcast live on The Bronc Sunday mornings from Rutgers University, I spend my weekends cooking all things Italian and – as an AVID Green Bay Packers Fan – of course, cheering up “my” team during the football season.

“Work with someone that pushes you to be the best version of yourself.”

– Kevin J. Collins
Executive Recruiter

I started in the search business in 1988 with April International Executive Search firm (established 1976), working in the investment banking sector, placing Accounting, Risk, Quantitative, and Credit Analysis in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. My career went on with Koren Rogers (2008 until 2020) and has gone full circle when joining my former colleague Janelle Razzino with whom I trained back in 1988. I’ve been a global recruiting presence in the financial services, manufacturing, retail, and corporate sectors for over 30 years.  

My specialty areas are Accounting, Finance, Audit, Product Control, IT Audit, Credit/Market Risk, Risk Management, Quantitative Analysis, Legal/Compliance, Tax, Banking, Treasury, Operations, Information Technology, Sales, and Trading, providing our clients with professionals with a unique experience, skills, and language abilities for the domestic and international marketplaces.

My life always had something to do with “search,” like working as a General Assignment researcher for CBS-TV News while in and after college. Or as Search and Rescue for the U.S. Coast Guard, where my duties included the Presidential Honor Guard, Wash D.C., Loran Station, Italy, and as Search and Rescue being in charge of Rescue boats as Coxswain at Barnegat Light, N.J.

Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

– Irene Pernick
Executive Recruiter

My early professional career taught me and inspired me to instill a passion for growth in others, a passion to want more for themselves, and a passion for life that challenges everyone to become the best possible version of themselves. I truly believe in growth for all and that while nothing is ever perfect, the challenges that come with growing certainly improve the overall journey. 

As an executive recruiter, my goal continues to be to challenge candidates to reach their fullest potential in their job search. Growth is an essential part of life, and growing is uncomfortable because it requires people to move from the comfort of the predictable to the discomfort of the unpredictable. We are constantly evolving, learning, and growing in all areas of our lives, and our professions are no different. In the words of the great Stephen King, “get busy living or get busy dying.”